Deep Springs Elementary School


End of Renovation Family Letter!

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End of Renovation Spanish Family Letter!


Sharepoint for Teachers

mission statement

Belief Statements:

  • We believe that we must foster the development of self-sufficient individuals who will be responsible members of families, work groups and communities.
  • We believe that we should encourage each child to assume responsibility for learning.
  • We believe that a quality education is the right of every child.
  • We believe the social and academic development of each child is best nurtured in a safe, supportive environment which is characterized by developmentally appropriate practices, authentic assessment, qualitative reporting, and collaborative teamwork.
  • We believe the partnership between the child's school, family, and community is a critical element for effective learning.
  • We believe that an equitable education will empower each student to approach the future with competence and hope.

We support safe internet use