Social Studies Activities

This page contains links to several great sites we are using at school, and sites that might be fun for you to try at home.
NOTE: If you find a link that does not work, please e-mail!

Kids @ City Hall - The Lexington-Fayette Urban Co. Gov't has created a kids' website with different stuff on facts about Lexington, a bio of Mayor Newberry, who makes up the LFUCG government, a safety zone, preparing for an emergency, recycling, games and more.

TerraServer - USA - This is a web site that allows you to view satellite images of the earth. You can search for your own city and neighborhood and house by typing your city and state in the "Search TerraServer" box and clicking on GO. 

The Hero Site - This is a great site that kids can view to read about heroes who no one else has heard of. This is a site where kids can read stories about everyday heroes. These people did not require super power or a great amount of time. Most are not famous either. But it teaches the kids that everyone can be a hero in every day life.

U.N. CyberSchool Bus - This is the United National Global Teaching and Learning Project that is designed for kids. Sections such as "Global Bytes", "Curriculum Corner" and "International Holidays" give his site an international flavor for kids.

The Statue of Liberty Tour Site - Hop on the Double Decker Bus or the Water Taxi and ride to the Statue of Liberty Park. This site provides a photo tour of the grounds, garden and the famous statue. It is sponsored by the city of New York.

The Whitehouse - This site contains information about the US Presidential Whitehouse. Children can listen to a message from the president (if speakers are available on your computer), take a virtual tour of the rooms and write a letter to the President.  

Abraham Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln, one of the most revered presidents of the United States, has many sites on the web, but this one gives a time line of events in his life. The site also includes fascinating pictures/photos that depict events in his life such as the log cabin he was born in, the Gettysburg Address and the Ford Theater.  

Colonial Williamburg - This is the site of the Colonial Williamsburg Federation. It gives the history of the town, the archaeological features and an "almanac".

Castles on the Web - Dungeons, towers, chamber rooms, banquet rooms and everything else that you ever wanted to know about castles is on this web site. You can even point and click to get questions answered on the link "Castle Quest".    

History Happens - A great website to teach US History. From stories and songs (similar to School House Rock) about US History.   

Geonet - Questions in the GeoNet game are organized into six groups, following the National Geography Standards. This is a great place to build an understanding of geographical concepts in a global context.   

Geosense - Play alone or against an online opponent. Use your mouse to click on cities around the world and gain points for correct answers.   

States Web Games - Learn the locations, capitals, abbreviations and over 500 important facts about the United States. Try to drag each state to its location on the map; enter the postal abbreviation for each state; click on the correct state for each capital; and pick the state that goes with the clue, by region.   

Geography Quizzes - Scroll down the list and check your knowledge of Places in the News, Country Capitals, Historical Geography, and Rivers and Lakes.

Flag Tag - Choose a level (beginning, intermediate or advanced) and then let the computer pick random countries. Identify and click the correct flag.

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